Friday, 12 September 2014

Share Your Passion for Sewing

I've found that good things happen when I share my passion for sewing with others.  Just talking about the things that I've been making, or showing some pictures on my smart phone, has led to some really amazing opportunities.

Most recently, I was really excited to have a lady I know from my church contact me because an acquaintance of hers is in the middle of moving houses.  This woman was looking to give away a ton of patterns.  Since I am pattern hoarder, I jumped at the opportunity, and I'm so glad I did.  I received a large bag filled with patterns from Vogue, Simplicity, Butterick, Burda and even some pattern companies I've never heard of before.  There were at least thirty or more patterns in this bag and it was like Christmas.  Many of the patterns have not even been used and they are all vintage.  I love looking at vintage patterns because it is truly like getting a lesson in fashion history.  In this collection, there are some great patterns that I plan on making as is, and there are some others that I think would be great to adapt and modernize.  Either way, I'm so excited to start making some new clothes from these old patterns.

Whether your passion is sewing or knitting or illustrating or something else, I recommend sharing your passion as much as possible.  There are so many pleasant and unexpected ways that people will help grow and nurture your dreams if you are willing to put yourself out there.

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