Friday 5 September 2014

A Great Sewing Guide by Singer

Years ago, when I first started sewing, somebody recommended a manual to me called The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing.  The guide is produced by Singer and the step by step instructions covering a wide variety of sewing techniques have saved me on more than one occasion.  In particular, I have made very good use of the sections covering kick pleats and mitered corners.  I also recall following the lesson on lapped zippers and looking up the various different ways to finish a seam.  From time to time, I just like to take out the book and flip through the pages.  The edition of the guide that I purchased all those years ago contains at least 1100 full-color photos. 

I was curious to see if this guide was available for sale on Amazon, and discovered that it is.  And not only that but it has been revised to include even more sewing tips and quite a few more color photos. 

In the past, I've looked at sewing guides that contained only black and white photos, or sketches, and I definitely feel that color photos are an asset - they make it much easier to distinguish and interpret what is being described.

If you are interested in purchasing Singer's The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing, I'm sure that you could order it through you local bookstore, like I did, or you can click here to purchase it through Amazon:  The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing

This is the edition that I own
This is the newer, expanded edition - available for sale on Amazon

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