Monday, 15 September 2014

The Business of Bridesmaids

Since I started doing custom sewing jobs, much of my revenue has come from making bridesmaid dresses.  These days, there are lots of brides who are looking to make their weddings unique.  More and more, we are seeing that the cookie-cutter bridesmaid look is a thing of the past.  Many brides like to showcase the individuality of their bridesmaids by having them wear a dresses of different styles and colors.  I had a personal experience with this trend of mixed and matched bridesmaids when I was commissioned to create six different dresses from six different fabrics and prints for one unique wedding.

At first I was skeptical that all of the dresses would "go" together, but the brides had a vision.  With a summer outdoor wedding, the dresses were fun and bright and each bridesmaid was able to wear a dress that she felt comfortable in and that was specially created with her input.  All of the bridesmaids participated in the design process by selecting a silhouette that they knew would look great on them, and most of the bridesmaids (with guidance from myself and the bride of course) took part in selecting the fabric for their dress.  It was a fun experience for everyone involved and I think that the brides vision really came to life on her wedding day.

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