Thursday 11 September 2014

Plaid Cowl with Lion Buttons

I designed this four-button cowl as another way to use up excess fabric and buttons that have been hanging around for a while in my sewing room.

The cotton, plaid print was purchased from one of my favorite fabric stores in Toronto called, Downtown Fabrics.  The man who owns and runs the shop, Daniel, is probably the friendliest fabric purveyor that you will ever meet. 

Likewise, the buttons were also purchased in Toronto at a store that specialises in buttons.  Although the shop is called Fabric and Buttons, the name is misleading because I have never seen any fabric for sale in this shop, ever.  Only buttons.  Once I took my cousin, Stewart, shopping with my at the button store, and he joked about the button store owners having to take monthly inventory of their stock.  That would truly be a feat, seeing as they have just about any size, shape and colour of button that you could possibly imagine.

Both stores, Downtown Fabric and Fabric and Buttons, are located in the heart of Toronto Fashion District at Queen and Spadina.   There are also many other great fabric and notion stores to visit in the area.

My lion-head button cowl, and others like it, are currently available for sale in my Etsy shop.  Click here to view my shop:  CousteauByCare

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