Thursday 23 October 2014

Burda 6853: Burda Dress & Billy Tabbs

Recently I took a risk and decided to sew a Burda pattern.  I'd never sewn one before and I was apprehensive because I kept hearing (from my mom) that Burda patterns do not include seam allowances.  But when I came across a Burda pattern that I really loved, I decided that, seam allowances or not, I had to try it.

After talking with the ladies at my local fabric shop, I discovered that nowadays Burda patterns do include seam allowances and have for quite some time.  So with my confidence bolstered by this information, I purchased Burda 6853 and the fabric to sew view A.

I've always wanted to sew myself something that had a Chanel look to it, so, inspired by the picture on the envelop, I purchased the required amount of wool fabric in two complementary colours and textures.

When the dress was complete, I wore it to a meeting.  I used the meeting date as a deadline to finish the dress.  On my way to the meeting, I spotted a bus shelter that displayed an ad for the release of my friend's upcoming novel so I decided to get my picture taken in front of it.  After all, I was all dressed up in my new Burda dress!

My friend, Michael Michaud, is the author of Billy Tabbs and the Glorious Darrow, which is being released on November 3rd.  I met Michael in a writing class a few years ago and we have since formed a writing group with a few of our other classmates.

I've also been invited to the private launch party for Billy Tabbs and the Glorious Darrow on November 1st.  I will definitely need to sew an outfit for that occasion and I will certainly post pictures of whatever I end up making!

For more information on Michael's novel, visit his webpage:

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