Friday 10 October 2014

Super Metroid Vest

In my second year at Seneca College, we were assigned to design, pattern draft and sew a top.  The rules for this particular project were fairly flexible, so I decided to try my hand at vest.  In order to add some more challenging elements, I sewed my vest using faux leather.  It was my first time sewing with faux leather and I learned that you have to tape or paperclip your cut out pattern pieces together.  You aren't supposed to pin them because you will end up leaving unwanted pin wholes in the fabric.

You will notice that my vest has a mandarin collar.  At that time in my life, I was basically obsessed with them.  I do not know why.  Another new technique that I was happy to try out was the snap on the collar.  In order to attach it, I had to use the school's kick press.

This vest was time consuming to make because I also decided to top-stitch each of the many panels on the side front and side back in order to add interest.  I also had to meticulously top-stitch the bird-like creature on the back of the vest, that is reminiscent of the bird-like alien featured on the Super Metroid game cartridge for Super Nintendo. 

Here are some pictures of me in back in college when I had just completed the vest.  It was an unfortunate time for my hair seeing as I had decide to cut my own bangs for some reason.  You can also see that I was channeling my inner Samus as I posed for the pictures.

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