Thursday 9 October 2014

Halloween 2011 Flashback

In 2011 I was commissioned by a bride named Tonya to create an ensemble of bridesmaid dresses for her wedding (see: The Business of Bridesmaids).  I got to know Tonya over coffee as we discussed the dresses and the overall vision for her wedding.  During that first meeting, she invited me to her Halloween themed Stag & Doe so that I would be able to meet her bridal party and get their input for the creation of the custom bridesmaid dresses as well.

I decided to design and sew an Alice in Wonderland costume, using some black & blue plaid fabric in order to put my own spin on the iconic blue Alice dress.  I also went to the Disney store in order to purchase a companion for the evening.  Initially I thought I would buy the White Rabbit to accompany me, but when I saw the bright pink Cheshire Cat, I knew I had to have him instead.

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Me (as Alice) and the Cheshire Cat

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