Wednesday 29 October 2014

Halloween 2014: Operation Princess Peach Part 2

So far I've made some alterations to my Princess Peach pattern and sewn a muslin.  I've also started to cut out some of the actual fabric pieces and to serge them.

These are the changes I have made to the pattern:
  • Raised the neckline 1" and changed it to a scoop neck as opposed to a v-neck
  • Added 1/2" ease to the sleeve band
  • Added a 4" ruffled band to the bottom hem
  • Removed some ease from the center back for a more fitted look
Unless your pattern is asymmetrical, you may not need to sew each and every piece onto your muslin.  For example, because my pattern is symmetrical, I only needed to attach one sleeve and one side of the bustle in order to make sure I had a good fit.  Fortunately, I decided that neither of these two elements required any further changes once I tried on the sample garment.

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Princess Peach Muslin

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