Tuesday 28 October 2014

Halloween 2014: Operation Princess Peach Part 1

This Halloween, I decided that I am going to be Princess Peach (also known as Princess Toadstool to those of you who are a little bit old school, like me) from the Super Mario Brother's Franchise.

Looking through my pattern archive, picture of Princess Peach in hand for reference, I discovered that the classic Disney Cinderella dress is almost exactly the same as Peach's dress.  I was lucky enough to have Simplicity 2813 on hand, which I will be using with a few slight alterations.

I have to admit that I am starting my costume rather late in the game and even the lady at Fabricland commented that I may have a few late nights ahead of me when I was there this afternoon purchasing all of the fabric and notions I will be requiring for my Princess Peach outfit. 

But, having full confidence that I will finish on time, I also stopped by Wal-Mart and picked up the candy I will be distributing to the Trick or Treaters that I'm anticipating at my door this Friday evening.

So, with my costume still to make, and my pumpkin still in need of carving, I am off to work!  Tune in tomorrow for an update on my progress.

Candies for Trick or Treaters

Princess Peach

Simplicity 2813

Fabric for Princess Peach Costume

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